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Musicology Mini-Session

Infant Rhythms (Newborn-5 months)

“What can you possibly do with a newborn?”
Come to MUSICOLOGY and find out! The brain of a newborn infant begins wiring up from the moment of birth. Babies respond to and reflect the attention of their parents and their environment. Rhythm and steady beat help develop everything from physical coordination to language skills. Each week, MUSICOLOGY’s experienced teacher will lead the parent/caregiver and their infant through creative songs, movement and activities using sensory enhancing props to help develop eye-tracking, language, body awareness, tactile stimulation, sound awareness and balance to name a few. Parents will also gain support, make new friends and share information in a gentle and caring surrounding while babies learn socialization as well.

Baby Beats (6-12 months old)

Babies are captive audience, fascinated by each new sight, sound and movement! In Musicology class you and your Baby will go on an enriching musical journey using instruments, sound play, movement, songs and creative props. Each musical activity is specially designed to enhance Babies brain development as they learn language, rhythm, pattern awareness, coordination, focus & attention and social skills! This uplifting and joyful experience will build your bond together, while your little one learns social skills & self-confidence, and you both make new friends!

Special 3-week Mini Session - $55

Fridays Nov 9, 16, 30

Infant Rhythms (0-5 months) - Fridays 1:00pm
Baby Beats (6-12 months) - Fridays 11:30am

To register call (480) 596-4020 or Contact Us at www.musicologyaz.com

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